Miscellaneous Service

Package Work, Punch Clearance, Preservation, Pickling/Passivation
PAUT & NDE, Explosion Proof Inspection, Document Control

Package Work
Each work package (WP) will be managed by a work package leader to ensure the performance and progress of the work package with regard to the overall work plan. The WP Leader will evaluate the progress reports provided by WP participants within their work package to ensure the successful completion of objectives and tasks.

Punch Clearance
The Punch Clearance is a critical step in the construction process. It truly is the final task in delivering a successful construction process, and more than items that do not conform to specifications. It is the entire team working together and delivering a project to be proud of.

Work Scope
1. Mechanical
Oil flushing / Hydro test / Water flushing / Chemical cleaning / Anticorrosive / Passivation / FMS / Guage calibration / Pressure hose febrication / installation / Miscellaneous modification / Dimension Control / Pneumatic and hydraulic tubing / Bolt tensioning / Leak testing of ductwork / Preservation / Alignment
2. Electrical
Hook up / Gland plate hole penetration / Tray installation, Cable Pulling, Termination / Mega test / Conduit pipe installation / Tagging / Procurement / Preservation / Earth Check / Insulation and Continuity Test
3. Instrument
Tubing installation / Guage installation / Calibration / Cleaning, flushing, pressure and leak testing of pneumatic and hydraulic tubing / Insulation and Continuity Test of Cable / Function testing of control systems / Function testing of field instruments / Hot oil flushing of instrument tubing / Loop Test
4. Structure
Grating (Steel, GRP) / Handrail, kick plate / Ladder, Cage / Welding, NDE / Painting / Thickness checks / Insulation / Fire proofing / Preservation
Fan & Fan Belt Alignment / Dampers / Duct & Duct Components / Sound Attenuator / Humidifier / Heating, Cooling Coil / Chiller / Air Handling Unit
Joint Integrity Installation / Gross Air or N2 Leak Test / Pipe Flushing Check / Pipe Pressure Test / Chemical Cleaning / Offline Skid Oil Flushing / Hydrostatic Test

MOST can develop a series of preservation procedures, detailing both the initial preservation requirements, such as quantity and the application of corrosion inhibitors, bagging or wrapping, and also detailing the active preservation requirements such as turning shafts periodically, operating valves.

We offer the pickling/passivation service to remove steel residue from cutting and fabrication operations. The pickling/passivation process removes both exogenous iron and iron compounds from the surface of the steel by chemical dissolution. It also improves the formation of a thin transparent oxide film that protects the steel from subsequent corrosion.

Explosion Proof Inspection
We provide CompEx certified / IECEx /EEHA certified hazardous area inspection engineers and technicians who are highly experienced in the field of hazardous area DSEAR, Ex, ATEX, IEC and NEC compliance. Our hazardous area inspection services provide assistance with the compliance of electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Document Control
Instructions for use, assembly instructions, technical manuals, data sheets and material safety data sheets, also the adoption of IT tools is largely owing to the availability of documentation. This is crucial to an engagement with a machine. MOST adopts a holistic approach to documentation, by understanding the client’s business and requirements.

Our MOST offers NDE & PAUT service using portable alloy analyzers, Welding Inspection, Training and certification of NDT Personnel. Our experienced personnel are respected for their integrity and recognized by all the relevant inspection authorities.