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FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Products

About Fibergrate
  • Fibergrate is the top leading manufacturer of FRP solutions use globally with over 50 years (from 1966) of experience in the fiberglass reinforced plastics industry. We also provides value-added services, which are supported by a worldwide network of distributors, sales professionals and customer service groups helping to provide the high performance composite solution for your specific applications, for its products including Engineering, Design, Drafting, and Fabrication together with MOST’s local value-added services.
  • Our companies are located in 11 countries with HQ(Dallas TX. in USA) and our customers have installed our products on projects in more than 40 countries on 7 continents. We are constantly looking for ways to further enhance the products and services we provide.
  • MOST Co., Ltd. is local representative of Fibergrate in Korea.

We will be with our customers on every project, side-by-side, even joining them on the job site to ensure their success!

Package Supplying of FRP Product

Major Service Contents

Raw material products, Design, Shop-drafting, Fabrication, Installation, Modification and A/S of Fibergrate FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) Products required in all types of project

Kind of Products

  • Pultruded Type Grating (Industrial high load capacity)
  • Molded Grating (Pedestrian normal capacity)
  • Fiberglass Plate for Decking, Flooring and Sunscreen Sys.
  • Structural Shapes (Angle, Channel, W-Beam, I-Beam,
    Round/Square-Bar, Tube and Custom Shapes)
  • Hand Rail, Guide Rail, Stair, Non conductive and
    slip resistant Ladder Sys.
  • Access Platform, Stair Way, Treads & Edge Ramps
  • Grating Pedestal & Various Fasteners & Clips
Benefits of FRP Products

Available Range of Industrial Applications

Docks & Decking :
With slip resistant, low maintenance and max. UV resistant features, Fibergrate offers a selection of ADA compliant gratings and Other FRP products for Docks, Floats, Piers, Gangways and other Decking.

Water & Wastewater :
Fibergrate products, designed to address safety and corrosion issues are utilized in all phases of water and wastewater treatment to provide a long-term solution.

Architectural & Commercial :
Whether a unique appearance, improved safety, or resistance to outdoor elements is required, FRP solution include sunscreens, rooftop, walkways, fountain drainage, decorative railings and more.

Oil & Gas :
Product features such as corrosion and slip resistance, flame retardancy, impact absorbency and low maintenance make Fibergrate products ideal for use throughout offshore plants and onshore facilities.

Food & Beverage :
Low maintenance plus ergonomic, slip and corrosion resistant features make Fibergrate products a safe, cost effective solution for use in packaging plants, bottling and mixing lines, conveyor areas and loading docks.

Recreational :
Due to product features including minimal maintenance, corrosion and slip resistance, and a long service life, Fibergrate is used for various application in zoos, aquariums, water parks and amusement parks.

Transportation :
Light weight, easy to install, corrosion and slip resistant FRP products for maintenance ways(walk, stair, access) and trench covers for commuter and industrial railways, bridges, and other mass transit applications.

Utilities & Power :
Electromagnetically transparent, non-conductive, and corrosion resistant Fibergrate FRP products are the optimal solution for trench covers, walkways, substation enclosures and equipment fencing.

Telecommunications :
RF transparent, lightweight features and non-conductive properties of Fibergrate FRP products make them ideal for virtually all telecom projects, including antenna concealment and equipment platforms.

Chemical :
Fibergrate FRP products, designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance and safety, are used throughout facilities from mixing tank walkways to loading platforms for access-ways, manholes and trench covers.

General Manufacturing :
Fibergrate FRP products create work platforms and station stand solutions along assembly lines, plus flooring and walkways around mills and lathes, and in production, maintenance and packing areas.

Metals & Mining :
Able to withstand highly corrosive conditions associated with process and finishing metals, Fibergrate products are used in recovery operations, processing and plating areas for walkways, stairways, platforms and more…

Pulp & Paper :
Fibergrate products are used throughout facilities including pulping and bleaching areas, stock preparation, paper machines, chemical recovery, finishing and converting.

Pharmaceutical :
Ergonomic features as well as corrosion and slip resistance, flame retardancy and low maintenance make Fibergrate FRP the right solution for use in packaging, storage, R&D, manufacturing and clean room applications.

Technology :
Non-magnetic and nonconductive properties make Fibergrate FRP products ideal for use in the high-tech (e.g computer room & center) manufacturing Industry.
MOST Office & Shop Location

Scope of Supplying FRP Products

MOST’s Effective Business

  • MOST can conduct business effectively on the various demand of buyers from engineering and supplying of raw materials to installation at project sites.
  • By stocking raw-materials locally at early stage, MOST is more ready to handle design changes that can happen frequently and to help clients improve design accuracy.
    MOST can prevent process loss by making possible actual-size cutting at its manufacturing shop in Ulsan, Korea.

Scope of Supplying Products :

  • Design and engineering incl. fabrication drawings
  • All raw materials of Fibergrate FRP products
  • Raw-Material Stocking + Cutting to Actual Size
    ☞ Reducing Transport Lead Time : Abt. 5~6 Weeks → 1~3 Days
  • Fabrication and installation on demand from the assembly site requirements
  • Modification
Technical Data, Spec. & Contact Information

Reference Data

On-line route including all technical materials like Brochures, Spec., Design Guide, Drawing, Certification:

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