Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of The MOST Way is our vision … to be the global on & offshore project company most admired for its people, partnership and performance. Our values are integrity, trust, diversity, ingenuity, partnership, protecting people and the environment, and high performance.

MOST as a local neighbor

Respecting Human Rights

although governments have the primary duty to protect and ensure fulfillment of human rights, MOST believes that we have a responsibility to respect human rights and that we can play a positive role in the communities where we operate.

Business ethics

MOST takes the conduct of its employees seriously and encourages questionable conduct to be reported. This may include, for example, violations of Company policy or of the MOST Business Conduct and Ethics, which contains a description of how we administer oversight of our compliance program and information about the avenues through which employees can report misconduct. One reporting method available to the entire workforce is the MOST hot-line.

Managing Operational Risk

MOST provides a disciplined approach toward managing process safety, personal safety and health, the environment, reliability, and efficiency. We rigorously deploy our processes, standards and regulatory requirements to assure compliance, identify and manage risk of incidents, ensure preparedness for emergency response, and improve overall performance.