Offshore Installation Service

Survey, Installation, Equipment Management, Manpower
Welcome to Offshore Installation Services overview. Our expertise in the areas of project planning and offshore execution allow us to deliver installation, inspection, repair and maintenance and decommissioning projects to the offshore oil and gas industry internationally.
Our offshore teams are not only experienced and highly qualified, but also fully aware of what working offshore demands of them. They have the required specialist expertise and can work professionally in the often extreme conditions, far from home. The experienced team at offshore provides a specialist service for many offshore installations including drilling rigs, fixed platforms, accommodation barges and FPSO, etc. This service includes the supply and hire of marine safety and personal protective equipment. With a growing global network of service providers we ensure that no matter where you are in the world, your servicing needs will be covered.

MOST guarantees the unique integration of engineering, project management, cost controlling of the offshore installation operations. The company completes the installation service with comprehensive load-out, sea fastening, and heavy lift transportation activities. MOST supports the offshore installation activities with experienced offshore personnel, highly dedicated to quality, safety, and environmental preservation issues. The continuous assessment of the offshore operations facilitates MOST to master turnkey offshore construction activities adding value throughout the entire lifecycle of the marine construction.

The offshore installation services are supported by
an extensive fleet of technical vessels and offshore support vessels
with various technical capabilities.

Experienced in offshore construction and installation projects, our team is able to provide a range of capabilities to suit the client's needs. Intensive engineering and preparation enable significant cost reduction and allow utilization of installation assets already available in the field. As specialists in unconventional installations and as leading suppliers of conductor installation services, our team can provide the essential support and management of all offshore installation activities.

We offer the following offshore installation services :


- Survey of Rig Skidding equipment, skid beams, hydraulic power packs, control consoles, pipework & hoses
  and associated equipment.
- Condition reports and advice provided.


- Installation of skidding equipment, pipework, power packs, control panels and associated equipment.
- System testing and commissioning.
- Existing equipment can be dismantled as part of our overhaul and repair schemes.

Equipment Management

- Our offshore workshop is kitted up for a wide range of destruct, repair and installation procedures.
- These include beam welding and machining, clevis pin removal, pipe work installation and testing.


- Our experienced personnel carry current qualifications to permit immediate deployment offshore.
- Test, Installation Engineer, Offshore Medic, Welder
- Installation Manager
- Electrical Engineer, Pipe Fitter
- Catering Personnel, Safety Officer, Administrator, Log Coordinator
- Barge Engineer, Crane Operator
- Tourpusher, Driller, Drilling Fluid Operator
- Maintenance Engineer, Hydraulic Mechanic