HSE & Quality Policy

The senior management of MOST is committed to delivering the highest quality services to the on-offshore project with absolute regard for safety and the environment. It is essential that MOST is known and recognized as reliable, effective and safe Managers. MOST’s policy requires all staff to carry out their duties in a professional, efficient and safe manner in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Staff must not knowingly participate in any unsafe or illegal activity. Compliance includes taking into account codes, guidelines and standards issued by the various maritime organizations. MOST’s is committed to identifying all risks associated with operations. Controls and safeguards must be put in place to minimize these risks in order to provide safe working conditions for all employees and the relevant. MOST’s policy requires a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all employees. The workplace, whether at sonshore or offshore, must be kept in a condition which will ensure that good standards of health and hygiene are maintained at all times. Alcohol and/or drug abuse, including drug trafficking, will not be tolerated and the hygiene operates strict control measures which must be complied with. Both impair ability to perform properly and will have serious adverse effects on the safety, efficiency, and productivity of other employees and MOST as a whole. Any employee found in breach of this policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures. These policies apply equally to visitors which include office personnel, guests and contractors. Certain clients insist on zero alcohol policy.

MOST issues, maintains and continually improves its various policies and Safety Management System. Compliance is a condition of employment and all employees are required to strictly adhere to the policies and follow the procedures contained in Safety Management System, which meets as a minimum standard the requirements of the ISM Code and the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. MOST is committed to the on-going and continual improvement of its safety management system. Quality and safety objectives are to be established and reviewed regularly.

Through this and the development of safety management skills of its staff, ashore and afloat, all office and on-site personnel are required to support and contribute to the effective implementation of MOST’s policies. We are dedicated to providing our customers with first-class quality in all our products. Stringent quality controls are employed throughout production and all work is carried out under controlled procedures and protocols. MOST pursues the long term goals of zero injuries to persons working at project site. We cooperate closely with DNV, Bureau Veritas (BV) and Lloyds Register (LRs) for design and testing of our on-offshore works. All work carried out by us is in accordance with recognized international standards and procedures. Our global clients will receive a quality system that is guaranteed to work within your individual requirements and specifications.

MOST’s Management is committed to integrating the Quality Policy in the activities of all MOST’s subsidiaries.

Ensure customer satisfaction

by providing services of high standards and in total conformity to applicable regulations and statutory requirements.

Improve the performance

of individual members of staff and ultimately the organization as a whole by providing relevant trainings.

Monitor and review, on a regular basis,

all systems throughout the organization against the objectives.

Commitment to continually improve

by having an effective corrective and preventive action program that will address and eliminate causes and potential causes of nonconforming products/services.

Optimize business by systematic integration

of innovative technologies and relationship of personal confidence with clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

Co-ordinated efforts of management

and employees to attain excellence in all areas of functionality.

Setting up SMART

(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) objectives which will be monitored and reviewed periodically.