Logistics Service

Customs, Stevedoring, Loading/Unloading, Provision supply, Catering
Equipment supply and rental, Vessel/Platform (De) Mobilization, etc.
MOST Logistics objective is to provide rapid, reliable, responsible services for our clients in accordance with international standards. With extensive experiences, our services aim to provide one-stop solutions to tighten the timeline, reduce risk and maximize cost effectiveness for customers. MOST Logistics has recognized the need to provide tailor made logistics solutions to meet the demanding principals and campaign areas.


Our highly skilled staff has a detailed understanding of the complexity of customs formalities and the importance of rapid mobilization required for on-offshore projects. Our dedicated custom team, with expert knowledge and experience of the on- offshore projects, are on hand 24 hours a day every day of the year to ensure a consistent first class custom service.


MOST provides Stevedoring service in various locations globally and has extensive experience generated by its experienced set of industry professionals combined with its focused service and solution offerings in the stevedoring.

We deliver on our promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for cost, quality, continuity, innovation and maximum reach, offering services in stevedoring, specialized materials handling services, surface transportation, yard management, lashing & securing services.

Provision supply

MOST offers the best of fresh and frozen provisions. Our supply is available for foreign catering management companies as well as all on-offshore plant’s the relevant. We also recognize the importance for our client knowing they are getting the best goods for the most competitive price. Our commitment to integrity and transparency ensures stress free orders and our pricing and payment terms facilitate trouble-free completion of transactions.

MOST provides all kinds of cabin, spare parts, on-offshore equipment, deck and engine: Cloth and linen products, Tableware and galley utensils, Clothing, Ropes and hawsers, Rigging equipment and general deck equipment, Marine paint, Painting equipment, Safety protective gear, Safety equipment, Hose and couplings, Nautical equipment, Medicine, Petroleum products, Stationary, Hardware, Brushes and Mats, Lavatory equipment, Cleaning material and chemicals, Pneumatic and electrical tools, Hand tools, Cutting tools, Measuring tools, Metal sheets, Screws and nuts, Pipes and tubes, Pipe and tube fittings Bearings, Electrical equipment, Packing and jointing, Welding equipment, Machinery equipment.


MOST works in full accordance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (НАССР), which is а systematic preventive approach to food safety. This allows us to guarantee 100% safe meal preparation, storage and handling. We guarantee supervision and checks of food products delivery process, all the way from local store to the end point.

According to HACCP food safety program, we take food temperature probes and make visual inspections of food products before they are processed, thus making sure that all food products are 100% safe to consume. We shall be happy to send you a tailored offer after receive details on the project location, preferences in cuisine and special requests. Our certified Hospitality professionals do their job in such a pleasant way that you can easily spoil your crew with the best Catering service in the on-off project.

Our catering services include:
- Catering, housekeeping & laundry
- Supply of food, beverages and bonded stores
- Catering personnel, cleaning of accommodation
- Catering & safety training, certification

Equipment supply and rental

We offer the short- and medium-term rental of modular and flexible mission equipment to contractors operating in the offshore market. This enables them to cost-effectively execute projects for a short period of time. Our services range from the short-term rental of a single piece of equipment to complete life-cycle rental solutions.

There are flexible options to finance, lease or rent equipment depending on your needs - even for custom-designed and adapted projects and equipment. MOST’s history of support services - with expertise in hydraulics, electricals, control systems, deck configurations, integration and fastenings - ensures that you are able to configure your project with the most suitable equipment, all tailored to the specific project.

Vessel/Platform Mobilization

Quayside Fabrication is involved in mobilization and demobilization work for many of the industry leaders for offshore fabrication, diving and subsea support services throughout the world. We can cater for the smallest to the largest of vessel mobilization and demobilization contracts at any port S.Korea with 24 hour coverage, 365 days a year.

Our wide and varied workforce can be utilized to combine supervision, welding, fabrication, machining, blasting, painting and installation for any number of applications, from the smallest frame to the largest subsea pipe laying reel units for industry leaders in the offshore and subsea markets.